IN ESSENCE offers a new way of perceiving life: a life in which it is possible to cultivate and honour self-love and inner beauty.
A life that makes it possible to blossom and revive from within.

Yes, we carry everything that we need inside of us! That is what IN ESSENCE is based upon: a deep belief that human beings carry within them all the necessary seeds to make them shine with light.  

Through several services you are offered concrete tools that help you strengthen and deepen your connection with yourself. Feeling yourself, feeling at home and living your life from a place of confidence, peace, happiness and balance. 


Where there is a connection from heart to heart, everything is possible.


Self-love and inner beauty don't need to be complicated or have to remain vague concepts.
IN ESSENCE creates a tangible experience - in the here and now, on earth. You are allowed to feel again. You are offered a safe space, a foundation, that assists you in doing so. From this loving foundation, you are invited to let go what no longer helps you move forward. You, as a unique being, have the power and the right to receive that which feels good to you!

Connecting with your own special flow you feel that things start to move with grace and beauty. From this state, everything becomes possible.

Are you ready to rediscover your essence?

IN ESSENCE creates a harmonious combination between authenticity, simplicity, power and depth. These qualities are present in all services offered.

IN ESSENCE is here for people who feel they resonate with one or more of these services and feel committed to stimulate the connection with themselves.




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