I believe in sustainable connections. When we walk the path towards our essence, we may feel vulnerable. We are willing to look at ourselves, even though we think it's a bit scary or strange. Yet, we have the courage to go on this journey. I admire people with these qualities. I am happy to give you the opportunity to have a free taste of my services. 


Where there is a connection from heart to heart, everything is possible.


The source of inspiration gifts you audios, videos and blogs. You can enjoy guided meditations, do short exercises to boost your self-love along with me, see how I create a painting in flow, and read blogs about many self-love and inner beauty related themes and my personal journey.  
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Buying a painting is an important decision. Before buying one, it can be nice to have it near you and feel what its presence does to you. That is why you can rent an IN ESSENCE painting for 1 week. You can keep it in your home or work space.
You pick it up at my place and bring it back after a week. For each painting that you rent, you pay a 
guarantee that is the same amount as the worth of the painting. This formality aims to protect the paintings.
At the ent of the rental period, the guarantee you paid for will be returned to you.
We will both sign an agreement at the beginning of the rental period.

If you are interested in this option, send an e-mail to and let me know which painting you wish to rent!
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