My name is Steffi and I love simplicity, purity and living from the heart.

I also love to enjoy life.

So many things make me feel happy... : 

nature, traveling, laughing (sometimes really hard), dancing, singing, eating and drinking healthy, painting, writing, helping others, warmth, enjoying the simple things in life, beautiful connections with other people and animals, and big hugs.

Photo: © Iris Kelly Reflections

Since I was little, I felt a strong desire to help others.

The qualities that I mostly use within IN ESSENCE are painting, writing, creating connection and flow, inspiring others, bringing healing, and speaking from a place of love and compassion.

I have always loved to write, sing and dance. My passion for painting emerged much, much later and seemed to come 'out of nowhere'. I have always been aware of my gift to create connection and flow, nevertheless these qualities only came to expressie when I embarked upon my self-love journey. 

I've experienced quite a journey before I managed to develop self-confidence, to bring out my message and to be who I am.

I've struggled to find my own unique place in this world. 

It has been a long and intense search, with many ups and downs. The absolute climax was my one year trip to Latin-America and Africa, which brought freedom, clarity and peace to my being.

I discovered my true life mission and why everything that I had experienced in my life, had happened that way.
If you want to dive along with me into my 'why' and my great source of inspiration, you can read more here

I am so happy, because connecting with myself was without a doubt the most powerful decision I have ever made.

The most beautiful part is that I can now use everything that I've learnt so far in order to help other beautiful women.

What is even better, is that I can do this in a way that feels good in my heart and gives me energy every day!


I wish everyone would feel this wonderful! Furthermore, I believe that everyone is able to overcome their challenges and see their pure essence.

Know that I am truly here for you!
With grounded compassion, a little bit of humor, a healthy amount of authenticity and a heart that is on fire for serving others, I wish to be your guide.
IN ESSENCE is your faithful companion.

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