Do you love inner peace?

Do you feel personal development is very important?

Are you open to your inner world and to beauty?

IN ESSENCE paintings are tools that help you live, cultivate and integrate your unique way of being into this world. 

They are loving creations that

  • mirror your inner world by speaking to your heart

  • build a bridge between your essence and the earthly world

  • nourish and boost your unique qualities 

  • trigger physical, emotional and spiritual sensations within you, strengthening your connection with yourself

  • bring healing to aspects of yourself that block you in embodying your essence

  • take you into your own meditative state where you experience peace and balance

  • reinforce your true potential and self-healing abilities

IN ESSENCE paintings offer you more than the physical eye can see; 

they create an experience.
A delight to the eyes of your heart. 

With an abundant heart I paint on linen or cotton canvases. Sometimes I use brushes, sometimes sponges or other materials. Most of the time I use water mixable oil paint, but sometimes the flow asks for acrylic paint. I often end up mixing both.
Before I begin, I take a moment to enjoy the white pure canvas that harbours endless possibilities. Then I align with the flow and allow the painting to arise in her own rhythm, while I surrender to the process.

I tune into my high sensitivity in order to feel and know what needs to happen on the canvas.
By allowing universal love and deep peace to flow through, the painting obtains her magical essence. The birth of a natural painting with healing properties.

Do you want to know more about the purity and natural healing properties of IN ESSENCE paintings? Read here.

Repeated, fascinated experiencing of a face that we love or a painting that we admire, makes us like it more, and permits us

to see more and more of it in various senses.

~ Abraham Maslow

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