The paintings are like a gate to a different world, a world of colour, a world of feeling. They are authentic, straight from the heart and they leave it up to you if and how you want to take them in.

Depending on the moment, on what you need, they give energy, comfort, they evoke memories or let you float on the stream of your subconsciousness. However you look at them, Steffi's paintings do something to you.

~ Lisa, artist, Belgium

There is something special about the paintings that Steffi creates. They have properties that are very exceptional and take us to spheres that help us move forward on our life journey. They come to life through an intention that is so pure that only goodness can come forth. Steffi connects with her heart and paints with so much love that it can be felt by each one who receives. This special energy, that is woven into the paintings, is unique and a great gift for everyone who is looking for healing, beauty, or any other quality that makes your heart blossom.

Thank you, Steffi.

~ Magdalena, Belgium

My name is Jhony Castillo. I am a tattoo artist from the city of Cali in Colombia and this is my modest opinion about the work of Steffi Pieters.

Not too long ago I got to know Steffi's artistic project and since I know her a little bit as a person, I dare say that her paintings are a reflection of her being in terms of the clarity, simplicity, the warmth and the freshness, the intelligence, peace and the life they communicate. I love how she transmits what she wishes to express through her strokes, I believe - in her case - the greatness and the brilliance of life.

When I see her work, I feel peace and freshness. How she works on her paintings to the smallest details, creates a pleasant result, filled with nuances. Although in one way her work is also smooth, it presents us what we need in order to understand what the artist intended, in the here and now. 

Thank you Steffi to share your work with us, keep moving forward in your evolution. 

~ Jhony, artist, Colombia

The brilliance, the colours, the imagination!!! The energy she puts into her paintings is something incredible.

The satisfaction she experiences, knowing that people enjoy them, is what motivates her to continue and to bigger things. If people would enjoy life like she does, the world would be a better place!!

~ Diego, Germany

The painting I have is a copy of the one in the practice. From the beginning I was very drawn to this painting. The colour palette really speaks to me and when I look at it, I have the feeling that someone is supporting me and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The accents of my painting are highlighted with a thicker layer of paint which makes this feeling even stronger. I'm still very satisfied with my purchase. 

~ Eveline, Belgium

About her 'Inner growth' painting, a reproduction of the original painting which hangs in the practice 'Groepspraktijk Vitruvius' in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium

I am so grateful and moved by the flows that Steffi wrote for me in relation to the paintings I received. Every painting springs from her heart and intuition. The canvas bursts with power, it's so dynamic! She lets her soul speak in the flow that she wrote for the painting. They are precious gifts to cherish and to read again and again, gazing at the matching painting. Harmony and connection, purity and the essence.

A wonderful present to give to yourself or a loved one, straight from the heart!  

~ Patricia, Belgium

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