IN ESSENCE paintings are loving and compassionate creations. They spring from the heart and from intuition.

They carry several positive intentions:

  • mirror your inner beauty

  • stimulate your self-expression

  • open your heart

  • increase your self-worth

  • build a bridge between your essence and the earthly world

  • uncover and accentuate your unique qualities 

  • strengthen your connection to your inner world

  • have a harmonising effect on your personal environment

These paintings offer you more than the physical eye can see; they create an experience.
A delight to the eyes of your heart. 


For whom?


For everyone who

  • believes that art has a strong emotional component that transcends the rational mind

  • wishes to open their heart

  • enjoys having their heart touched

  • believes in the healing power of art

  • wants to see their inner beauty expressed on a canvas

  • for private persons, companies, art lovers, entrepreneurs, inspired souls, humanitarians and environmentalists


Here you will find the collection of paintings that is currently available for you to enjoy or purchase

Personal painting

Your inner beauty on canvas; receive your unique painting and have a wondrous experience


National, international and virtual exhibitions, along with other projects you are 

welcome to attend

Painting "in flow" is like following a stream,

free and pure.


The art



Before I start to paint, I take a moment to enjoy the pure white canvas that holds an endless amount of possibilities.

I meditate, listen to inspiring music, go out in nature,...

This is my preparation. I open myself to receive clear information that is relevant for the painting, and to translate this information on canvas. 

It is important that I allow my heart to be filled with abundance and harmony, so that the painting, once finished, reflects these same qualities.

Clairsentience helps me connect to the stream of messages that shape the painting.

While painting, I align again and again with the Flow, and allow the painting to arise in her own rhythm, while I surrender to the process.

By allowing universal love and deep peace to flow through, the painting obtains her magical essence

The birth of a natural painting with healing properties.

Photo: ©Iris Kelly Reflections

Forest Road

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