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Beauty heals is an exquisite tool that helps you re-connect with your true beauty and thus strengthens your self-confidence
When you doubt yourself and experience insecurity, you temporarily lose your connection with beauty.

This collection of flows and inspirational writings open your heart to yourself and all the beauty that you carry within.

An eye-opener and a heart-opener at the same time. 

When the heart is moved, one is able to reconnect with oneself. Beauty heals takes you on a unique, tender and adventurous trip that opens the doors to your most profound self, where feelings of being at home and at peace with oneself predominate.

Beauty heals is gracefully filled with loving flows, poems, a love letter and images, inspired by the rose as a symbol of purity, delight and passion for life.

Some of the themes that are covered, are: Beauty is simplicity, The beauty of emotions, Letting beauty in, The beauty of being tested, The beauty of being yourself... and much more.

Beauty opens your heart. Beauty reflects your true self. Beauty heals.
Beauty is here for you.

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