World Art Week

7-15 November 2020

IN ESSENCE participates in a very special and inspirational global event. 

During World Art Week from November 7 to November 15 2020, I will create a painting called ‘Heart of the World’.

People from all around the world are invited to inspire me to make this painting.

How does it work?
On November 7 2020 at 8 am Central European Time, a post will appear on my facebook page In essence you are beautiful. In the comments, you can let me know which positive intention or inner quality you want the painting to reflect, such as friendship, harmony, world peace, understanding, equality etc.
I will let these beautiful intentions guide me to create a piece of art that is shaped by all of our hearts.
We will CO-CREATE a painting that carries positivity beyond our imagination.

I will work on this painting during the entire week, adding all the positive vibrations sent to the painting from all around the world as I go along.
At the end of the week, I will share a picture on my facebook page
In essence you are beautiful of the ‘Heart of the World’ painting.
It will also be offered for sale at my exhibition on November 21 en 22 2020 in Gemeenschapscentrum De Camme, Perk, Belgium.

Want to be part of this wonderful experience? Tune in to my facebook page on November 7, or stick around and follow me on social media ;-)

Much love,

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