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White rose

Steffi Pieters


Born in Leuven, Belgium I have always had a strong connection with my heart.

I have a sense of oneness with life since I was very young and felt a strong inclination towards music - classical music above anything else - classical ballet and dancing in general, singing, playing music, and writing and languages, leading me to write intuitive poetry. 

Since then, I am always very open to life and all the possibilities it holds.

An essential phase of my life began when I started to travel. I undertook a big solo journey after ending my studies of psychology at the University of Brussels (VUB), which had led me to Bolivia and introduced me to Latin America. In the city of La Paz, I completed an internship with children who find themselves in complicated educational situations and/or live on the streets. 
Throughout my solo journey in 2013-2014, I received nourishment from a variety of impressions, landscapes, cultures, values, visions and so much more in Latin-America and Africa. 

Deeply rooted seeds of compassion, connection and joy were awakened within me. 

My heart opened and I slowly learnt to feel at home, wherever I was. 

A few years later, I started to feel like painting. That was when my artistic spirit started to revive, after a long period of trying to be a part of a system that didn't provide the conditions for me to thrive.

My connection to my heart and soul deepened as I gave space and air to my inner world to express itself freely, and listened to what messages it received. 

Shortly after embarking on the painting journey, I felt I wanted to add a specific quality to my works: flow. I felt I needed to paint from intuition, from my heart, and that I didn't even know how to do anything else.

This flow - a natural current that is aligned with how things come to life - brings the energy of presence, authenticity and openness to my creations.

Using my intuition and connection with life, I aim to bring people all kinds of creations that are attuned to qualities like compassion, grace, oneness, peace, love, and many more.

I have had the honor to experience these qualities in many places on our planet and consider them universal and a part of everything that lives.

From this inspiration I guide people through private sessions and workshops in order to (re-)connect with their pure essence and uniqueness. 

Our essence is pure beauty.

My biggest wish is for people to experience themselves in their abundance, beauty and authenticity. 


© Iris Kelly Reflections

Steffi Sonqo Llimpiq:

Sonqo Llimpiq means in Quechua: he or she who creates with color, from the heart.

For me, color does not just stand for the visible and known colors of the rainbow and beyond. They represent a wide spectrum of atmospheres, impressions, accents, shades, shades, nuances, energies, intensities and movements. These can be captured, you can let them flow through your heart or translate them from intangible worlds to the tangible - from the connection with your heart. Creations then flow through the artist in abundance.

After receiving a very clear message from my inner world, I moved to Peru.

There I live in the sacred valley of the Incas near Cusco. 

A true enrichment in every way. 

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