Allow yourself to be touched by authentic paintings.

For everyone who

  • wishes to open their heart

  • believes in the healing power of art

  • wants to see their inner beauty expressed on a canvas

  • for private persons, companies, art lovers, entrepreneurs, inspired souls, environmentalists and lightworkers


Here you will find the collection of paintings that is currently available for you to enjoy or purchase

Personal painting

Your inner beauty on canvas; receive your unique painting and have a wondrous experience


National, international and virtual exhibitions, along with other projects you are 

welcome to attend

The intention of a personal painting is very focused, it is 100% focused on you.

That makes it very powerful. 

When your painting hangs in your home or personal space, you will feel how it speaks to you.

A personal painting is much more than a physical object you feel drawn to.

It comes to life with a dedication to who you are as a person.

It exists and functions on many layers, most of which are invisible.

Therefore it is important to have a certain degree of openness to your inner world of experiences and feelings.

You may give me as much input as you wish before I start creating your painting.

You are free to decide.

These paintings offer you more than the physical eye can see; they create an experience.
A delight to the eyes of your heart. 


IN ESSENCE paintings are loving and compassionate creations. They bring you a gift:

  • mirror your inner beauty

  • stimulate your self-expression

  • open your heart

  • build a bridge between your essence and the earthly world

  • uncover and accentuate your unique qualities 

  • harmonise your personal environment

  • and much more...

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