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from the Andes Mountains

During an individual online session we aim to bring softness, strength and recovery to that which holds you back from being fully yourself. You and your experience form our main focus.

Which challenges do you encounter on your path? Feeling stuck, having little (self) confidence, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, tension, great sensibility, confusion and difficulties to concentrate, loss of identity, questions around purpose,...

Together we look at which invitation, possibility for growth or opening for healing is available right now, and work with that.

We always focus on what you bring to the session, in the present moment.


We go on a journey together. Everything you need is already within you; sometimes it can be helpful to have a cousellor, a coach, a guide to walk alongside you. 

By affirming your inherent qualities and talents, you become more and more yourself. By remembering your selfworth and yor natural state of being worthy, you reconnect with yourself. 

Where does this path lead you?

Your (self)confidence and sense of stability grow, you feel your sense of direction in life, navigate through your daily life with greater ease, know (better) how to deal with challenges, learn how to connect with fear and other potentially challenging emotions in a safe way, and love yourself more than before. Last but not least, you feel more connected to your inner beauty. 


“A 1:1 online session is like a loving mirror into which we look to see those parts of ourselves that need attention.

In this way we reconnect with our natural state of being."

When we connect deeply with our inner world, we are vulnerable. That is why it is important that we experience safety; the ground under our feet. In order to create a sense of safety, we connect with each other in an atmosphere of respect and equality.

Compassion is our foundation from which we can safely explore, experience, feel, meet, love and integrate ourselves and our environment.

During our session we activate the medicine in ourselves to bring healing to those parts of ourselves that got hurt. We learn to accept them as messengers, love them as precious aspects of us, and allow them to show us the way.

We use several tools to help us on our way. The pillars here are creative therapy and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

In addition, we also rely on reflection exercises, guided meditation and healing, and inspiring home assignments. Each session is shaped by what you bring to our encounter in at that moment and the direction you want the process to take.


Creative therapy

Here you can read more about creative therapy and how this form of therapy can help us.

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Emotional freedom technique

Here you can read more about EFT and how this technique can help us.



An important starting point for this trajectory is the drive, the desire you feel to grow, to get closer to yourself or to adjust your course. I stand by your side guiding you as you walk your path.

In the case of child counseling, it is essential that both parents or all educators support the guidance, and are also able and willing to look at themselves.


Make an appointment:

You can contact me via the contact form on this website, by sending an email to or via message on whatsapp/telegram to +51 927 288 069.


A session with adults takes about an hour.

A session with children takes about 45 minutes.

Time Zone:

I am based in Peru (GMT -6). Appointments can take place between 8 am and 4 pm Peruvian time.


The rate for a session is €60. For people who experience difficulties paying this amount: a social rate can be applied.

I also work based on (partial) exchange. This means that you pay for the value of the session through something other than money. Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.



I like to respect our time and energy.
For appointments that are not canceled 48 hours in advance, an absenteeism compensation of €60 applies. This compensation lapses in case of force majeure.
I thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Why online sessions?


The most obvious reason is that I live in Peru, specifically in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, located in the Andes Mountains at almost 3000 meters of altitude.

I really enjoy working with people from all around the globe. I have traveled a lot myself and have opened my mind and heart in many ways towards a whole spectrum of ways of being, cultures, backgrounds, habits, perspectives, etc.
Over time I have come to appreciate online sessions more. Especially since the beginning of 2021 - when it couldn't be any other way - after 5.5 years of live sessions and workshops in various private practices (Jaspis in Dilbeek, Vitruvius in Steenokkerzeel and Monimo in Erps-Kwerps; all in Belgium).


I have followed my heart here and am more attuned to myself and abundance than ever before. That empowers me enormously in my sessions, allowing me to be a solid anchor for you.



Does an online session have the same effect as a live session?


An online session has the potential to be as powerful as a live session. It depends on what you feel good about and resonate with. The safe space we create together transcends time and distance. Acceptance, compassion, courage and all other inner qualities can be felt wherever you are.


Moreover, you will also (indirectly) connect with the place where I am, the womb of the Andes Mountains. This place breathes grounding, nature, relaxation, beauty and abundance, just to name a few qualities.
I personally experience that this contributes greatly to the success of my sessions with clients because they absorb a part of the atmosphere. 


What if I try an online session and I don't like it?

That's okay. We are always allowed to experience something before deciding whether it feels right or not. That is why I offer a 20 minute discovery session if you prefer to try it out and wish for us to get to know each other first.
If you decide after our session that it is not quite what you want or need, we will close our process together in positivity.

Lavender Fields


An overview of the courses and trainings that shaped me:

  • Master in Psychology (VUB, Brussels, Belgium)

  • Clinical psychology internship with children in vulnerable situations (Fundación Alalay - La Paz, Bolivia)

  • Mindfulness training (Edel Maex)

  • Volunteering in Egypt with the local community (Bouworde vzw) and Zambia with children with visual impairment or blindness

  • Duplo methodology (Figuring Futures)

  • One year course in creative child therapy (Educatieve Academie)

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT academy)

  • Depression and creative methods (Educatieve Academie)

  • Parental guidance (In Bloei)

  • Live the connection (Core module)

  • Therapeutic Art Life Coaching (Udemy)

  • Emotional freedom technique (In Bloei)

  • Andean healing rituals (Casa K'anchay, Urubamba, Perú)

In addition to these consciously chosen training courses, I was taught in an organic way through many experiences, such as my solo journey through Latin America and Africa, my twelve years as a ballerina, my introduction to the Native American sweat lodges and my musical training in singing and flute.


They helped me develop qualities that still help me guide people.

What, in my opinion, weighs in all

my sessions is the inner journey I undertake to heal myself. 

Over the years I became more and more connected to my own experienced hurts and challenges, which invited me to dive deep within myself. This allowed the compassion in my heart to deepen and for me to become more and more myself, more free and grounded.

In that sense I also see myself as an expert by experience, but above all, as an eternal student of life.

Broken Trunk

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.

- Maya Angelou

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