Steffi Pieters


Born in Leuven, Belgium I have always had a strong connection with my heart.

I have a sense of oneness with life since I was very young and expressed myself through dancing, singing, playing music, and later, writing.

Since then, I am always very open to life and all the possibilities it holds.

An essential phase of my life began when I started to travel. I received nourishment from a variety of impressions, landscapes, cultures, values, visions and so much more in Europe, Latin-America and Africa. 

My heart opened and I slowly learnt to feel at home, wherever I was. 

Steffi prof 2.jpeg

Foto: ©Iris Kelly Reflections

Shortly after, I started to paint. This is when my soul truly started to live its true purpose.

My relationship with my heart and soul deepened rapidly as I explored my gifts as an artist and developed my personality. 

After a period of searching, learning and discovering, I realised I needed to introduce a specific quality to my artwork: flow.

This flow - or natural way of coming to life - brings presence, authenticity and openness to the canvas.

Using my intuition and connection with life, I aim to create artworks that are aligned with universal vibrations of compassion, grace, freedom, oneness, peace, love, and so much more.

These are qualities that I have experienced in many places on our planet and therefore I see them as universal and as a part of all that is.

Our essence is pure beauty. 

My biggest wish is that people open their hearts to experience themselves as abundant, beautiful and authentic beings.