Self-love and inner beauty are the two pillars of IN ESSENCE.

They are the seeds that we all carry within, and that give life to all the good you want to grow within yourself and around you.

IN ESSENCE services are designed to open your heart and to guide you on your path towards more self-love and inner beauty: I offer you a range of heart-opening paintings, courses, flows and guided meditations.

Above all, IN ESSENCE offers you an experience that is lasting and profound.

Through empowerment, inspiration and creating connection you get in touch with your deepest self.​ The focus is on the beauty that you already are and self-healing.


My name is Steffi and I am the founder of IN ESSENCE.

I am also an painter, a writer and an inspirer. I integrate all my passions, talents and experiences in my services.

The common thread that runs through all that I do is connection from heart to heart. 

I connect with people in a very human and authentic way. This makes the connection powerful, pure and open to transformation.

Through the services that I offer, I intend to touch your heart.

My sensitivity, my compassion and my intuition shape everything that I create and how I view others.

Would you like to have a taste of my services?

I offer you a free encounter! Read more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Photo: ©Iris Kelly Reflections

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