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The aim of art is not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance... 

- Aristotle

Many scientific research shows the beneficial effect of art and being creative.

While our left hemisphere is responsible for reason, analysis, logic, structure and language, our right hemisphere represents qualities such as creativity, intuition, symbolism, imagination and associations.
A healthy person uses both hemispheres of the brain and knows how to make them work together. However, many people have a strong tendency towards the left hemisphere - also because this side of the brain is much more encouraged in society - so that they sometimes get stuck in their head and live a limited version of themselves. Although our rational and analytical mind is a wonderful tool, the virtues of our right brain are indispensable for a healthy and balanced life.

In addition, creativity is connected to our subconscious. Solutions or new pathways that are impossible to conceive using the logical brain automatically surface when we let the lesser known layers of ourselves do the talking. Our subconscious hands us something we can trust - a natural, deep wisdom. A tool, an insight, a liberation, a different light on the matter. People often experience it as a reassurance, knowing that you are allowed to 'come down', to 'sink' into yourself. To land. That it's okay to be, that you may let something flow from within yourself. You might be surprised by your own potential…

You don't need any experience to go on the creative therapy journey.
When we use our creativity in therapy, we're not focused on achieving something specific or because we want to meet certain expectations.
On the contrary, what we aim to do is free ourselves from rigid structures and open our inner world to all that we are.
We create connections in the most natural way. We follow your own rhythm.

Below are some authentic and therefore beautiful expressions from clients. 

Chantal 1.jpg
Kelly 2.jpg
Kelly 5.jpeg
Kelly 3.jpg
Chantal 3.jpg

The creative methods we use are exactly that: tools that help us make something happen in our inner world that brings us closer to well-being and abundance.

Open up to peace, create order, experience and set boundaries, stimulate self-confidence, heal your relationship with the outside world, invite in something new, let yourself grow or discover your heart,…

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