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emotional freedom technique

“The body has been designed to renew itself through continuous self-correction. These same principles also apply to the healing of psyche, spirit, and soul.”

- P. Levine

EFT is a wonderful and efficient method that can be used for all possible forms of stress.

How does it work?

All kinds of things are happening in our lives, all the time.

Everything that happens causes a physical reaction in the body.
This physical response has its own processing time. If we were given or would take all the time we need, this reaction would complete itself effortlessly and naturally. The result of this is harmony, space and tranquility.


For example, when we find ourselves in a dangerous situation - real or imagined - we will always try to fight, flee or freeze. We try to survive with the tools we have. If a dog detects danger and stiffens, once the situation is over, he will release the residual energy from his system through trembling, walking, shaking, jumping, barking, ...
The most natural thing is to let our body do what it wants to do and needs.

Many of us have not learned to just let our physical and emotional sensations and feelings just be there or let them flow.

As a result, they get stuck in the body.

Things are constantly happening in our lives to which the reactions are not finalized. Because this generates tension in our system, we eventually become very limited in our freedom and we develop health problems.


Through EFT we approach these stuck feelings or tensions with love and compassion. The act of tapping itself has two purposes.

First, we tap on certain points on the body that then, by being activated, release stuck energy and help us come into our natural flow again. Secondly, as we tap, we keep our brain - particularly our working memory - occupied with a task it can't understand. this helps us access deeper layers and levels of our inner world. 

Tapping disconnects the stuck physical response or finishes the original response to the event, which was previously unfinished.
In essence: our flow is (re)generated and the energy can move naturally again. This creates space and freedom within yourself and to be who you are.


EFT is very simple, but it does require us to be willing to work with our problem or tension.

This is how we get there.

EFT is also very suitable for children who usually - even more so than adults - allow themselves to release tensions from the body.

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