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Interview with Vanessa
about her personalised painting

Name: Vanessa Lardenoit
Age: 41 years

Activities: myself – nature – spirituality
Biggest dream: to become a spiritual counselor for the dying and their loved ones

What inspired you to receive a personalised painting?

It has been clear to me, for a long time now, that we are all unique. Of all those billions of people walking our planet, there are no two people exactly the same. When I came into contact with Steffi and she told me about this personal painting I was very intrigued, because – as I read on her website – she is able to make a unique painting, completely tailored to the person for whom she paints it. I didn't hesitate for a second :-).

Did you have certain experiences/thoughts/feelings during the period in which your painting was created, that you would like to share?


When Steffi was creating the painting, I was very curious how she would do it. I occasionally felt her subtle attunement to me and my energy. I did have a few preferences for my personal painting, like no colours that were too bright and the painting still had to have a feel to it, that it vibrated with divine energy… so a lot to take in to account and to deal with for Steffi. That is why I ended up very quickly in choosing to receive a flow painting and I gave Steffi carte blanche on its creation. 


What was it like for you to see your painting for the first time?

Seeing the painting for the first time really touched me. I felt like I was looking at myself, instead of the painting, standing there with all my emotions, my entire being. The painting felt like a complete & vibrant part of me.​


​What connection do your experience between your painting and your inner world?

Steffi created the painting in light colours and moving shapes, just as I am: light and energetic. It’s as if I really look at myself, at my entire being (both my outer and inner world).


How does the painting contribute to your daily life?

My personalised painting is displayed in my so-called "garden room" between a lot of plants, where it can take root just as I do, when I stand there and look at it. Unbeknown to Steffi at the time, she sensed that there must be hints of green shadings in the painting as well. So, in the end there is no better match than this.


Is there a connection between your personal painting and your dream?

Yes, it helps me to keep seeing, feeling & experiencing the divine and higher realms, every single day again. Just what I need to be able to become a spiritual counselor.


Was your personal painting worth the investment?

It was totally worth it, thank you Steffi. When I have a bit of an off-day or feel like I am low on energy, it helps me to boost my energy and remember who I really am. 


What would you like to say to others about receiving a personal painting?

Go for it, take a leap. As in life, dare to live authentically. Dare to surrender to Steffi’s gift and intuition to make a personalised painting. Open up your intuitive channel. Be receptive to her energy and your energy flowing to her. And then let yourself be surprised, again and again!

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