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I create art from intuition and from the heart.

Before I start doing art, I take a moment to enjoy the pure white canvas or paper that holds an endless amount of possibilities.

I meditate, listen to inspiring music, go out in nature,...

This is my preparation. I open myself in order to receive clear information that is relevant to the artwork, and to translate this information onto the canvas or paper. 

It is important that I allow my heart to be filled with abundance and harmony, so that the artwork, once finished, reflects these same qualities.

My sensitivity helps me connect to the stream of messages that shape the artwork.

While creating, I align again and again with the Flow, and allow the artwork to arise in her own rhythm, while I surrender to the process.

By allowing universal love and deep peace to flow through, the creation obtains her magical essence

The birth of a natural artwork with healing properties.

DSC_8199 2.JPG

Creating "in flow" is like following a stream,

free and pure.

Lotus in Bloom

The art



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