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Rose Flower


Receive a personal painting and a personal message.

A special interaction

between your painting and your heart.

A personal painting is all about you. The message within in painting is 100% unique. The moment you apply, a conversation begins between your heart, your being, the person that you are and the blank canvas. As the painting takes form, this alignment becomes more and more specific and sensitive.


Your painting comes with a personal message. This is shaped by all the impressions I had during the creation process, the style of painting, all the colours and their interaction with each other, the painting's rhythm, the movements that come into existence, the subtle traits and inherent messages such as poems, haikus, metaphors, word-plays...  

I also pay attention to the 'space in between'. This is the silence of the painting, that which doesn't manifest but is present nonetheless. For example, the space between two strokes harbours an entire universe, rich in information that can only be felt. 


Themes that could be touched are your life mission, parts of yourself that you wish to explore (further), your qualities, what makes you unique, how your inner beauty manifests, how you live your life, what your heart wants to tell you, advice about how to manage certain situations in life,...

Do you have a specific question? Do let me know, I will include it in your message. Know that information always comes in flow and messages cannot be forced. Everything that has ripened enough to take the form of words, will come to you in your personal message. 


A personal message is about 1 to 2 pages long. You will receive your personal, digital document (Word) at approximately the same time you receive your painting.

Since your personal message (and your personal painting) are strongly related to your essence, they transcend time and space. For this reason, they have a lasting, nourishing effect. 

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