A Free flow painting, as you can guess...

...is a personal painting where you give me carte blanche as an artist. You only give me a few key words or a few paragraphs in which you describe what you are experiencing in your life right now and/or what you are looking for (eg I want a personal painting that boosts my self-confidence).

I tune into this intention and from this, I create a painting for you.

If you find it hard to give a description, you can also give me permission to tune in and make a painting that focuses on your highest good. 

What are the advantages of a Free flow painting?

When we surrender to the flow, we don't know what is to come. We put our trust into this flow and know deep inside that something beautiful awaits us.

Because we open ourselves fully, we allow something magical to arise, that goes way beyond our imagination as a human being. We are pleasantly surprised by the power of a Free flow painting; pure and unique in its form.

That is why a Free flow painting is always a very special painting; that which wishes to manifest itself right now, comes to life.

Furthermore, a Free flow painting is 100% unique. You are the only one on the planet who receives this specific painting. It will never be reproduced and it also isn't a reproduction of a painting I created before.

A Free flow painting embodies your wonderful uniqueness and self-worth.

Wat zijn de voordelen van een Free flow schilderij?

Wanneer we ons overgeven aan de flow, weten we niet wat er komt. We schenken wel vertrouwen aan deze stroom en weten diep vanbinnen dat er ons iets moois te wachten staat.

Doordat we ons helemaal openen, kan er iets magisch ontstaan, dat onze verbeelding als mens totaal te boven gaat. We worden aangenaam verrast door de kracht van een Free flow schilderij; puur en uniek in zijn vorm.

Een Free flow schilderij is daarom steeds een heel bijzonder schilderij; precies datgene wat zich nu wilt manifesteren, verschijnt. 

Bovendien is een Free flow schilderij 100% uniek. Je bent de enige op de planeet die dit specifieke schilderij ontvangt. Het wordt nooit meer gereproduceerd en het is ook geen reproductie van een schilderij dat ik eerder creëerde.

Een Free flow schilderij belichaamt jouw wonderlijke uniciteit en zelfwaarde.

I am so grateful and moved by the flows that Steffi wrote for me in relation to the paintings I received. Every painting springs from her heart and intuition. The canvas bursts with power, it's so dynamic! She lets her soul speak in the flow that she wrote for the painting. They are precious gifts to cherish and to read again and again, gazing at the matching painting. Harmony and connection, purity and the essence.

A wonderful present to give to yourself or a loved one, straight from the heart!  

~ Patricia

Do you also want to receive your unique Free flow painting?

I can't wait to get started!

If you choose a 60 x 60 cm painting, your investment in your painting is €300.
If you choose a
 80 x 100 cm painting, your investment in your painting is €500.

All personal paintings are made on a linen canvas. I use water mixable oil paint and/or acrylic paint (and zero solvents).

If you're interested, send an e-mail to steffi@inessenceyouarebeautiful.com and give me, if you wish, 5 key words that describe who you are and/or what you feel you need right now (eg stability, tenderness,...). If you wish, you can also write a little more about your story and wishes.

I will hold these intentions as I paint in order to create high resonance between you and your painting.

You can pick up your finished painting for free in Kortenberg, close to the cities of Brussels and Leuven.
If you prefer special delivery and you live in Belgium, your painting will be delivered to you by IN ESSENCE for an extra cost of €50.
For now IN ESSENCE doesn't deliver to countries outside Belgium. Do you live abroad and want to receive a painting? Contact me through steffi@inessenceyouarebeautiful.com so we can discuss the possibilities.

Heb je vragen? Neem gerust contact met me op.

Ik kijk ernaar uit om met jou te verbinden!

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