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If you're interested, send an e-mail to You can add some background information about yourself that you feel is relevant (max. one A4). This could include the colours that you would like to see in your painting, some themes or words that are significant to you right now, a situation that you are experiencing right now in your life, some of the talents you have, your expectations towards the painting,... Feel free to communicate what your heart tells you to. 

I will hold these intentions as I paint. 

It is possible that I contact you in the course of the creation process, to ask you an extra question or to receive some more information from you. 

At all times you are free to share as much as feels comfortable. The information that is shared stays between us. 
Another option is for you to give me 'carte blanche' and allow the painting to arise without giving any input.
Know that giving some extra information beforehand is not mandatory nor necessary for your personal painting to fulfil its purpose.






It is of great importance that the painting arise in her own rhythm. After all, the painting's rhythm is your rhythm. If we don't respect this, the painting will lose a lot of its quality, worth and purpose. That is why I choose to be flexible with the aspect of time.

You can expect me to start on your painting within 2 weeks after having received your application. Some paintings need some preparation time. During this period, my inner world is already connecting with the painting, it just hasn't taken form yet. 

As is the case with birth, some paintings will take longer before coming into the world, which is fine. 

In the loving space of my atelier, each painting is born in her own way and time. 

Generally, a personal painting is finished within 1 to 4 weeks.

Should this change due to circumstances, I will inform you. I am also available for you during the creation process of your painting.



Prices vary; please get in touch so we can discuss your wishes.

Different measurements can be discussed. In this case we will also agree on a suited price. 

You make the payment once you have received your painting. 

A personal painting requires a certain financial investment. I understand that this is not everyone's budget. I wish that everybody who truly wishes to receive a personal painting, has the possibility to do so.
Is your heart burning with desire for a personal painting but is the financial aspect holding you back? Get in touch and we'll create an alternative and beautiful exchange.



You can pick up your finished painting for free in Zaventem, close to the cities of Brussels and Leuven (Belgium).

If you prefer personal delivery and you live in Belgium, your painting will be delivered to you by Steffi at a fixed price of €50.
Do you live abroad?
 In that case your painting will be carefully packaged and safely brought to you by a courier.

Contact me via so that I can inform you about the exact packaging and shipping costs.

What if...


Let's say you were very much looking forward to seeing your personal painting and you completely trusted the process.... however, when you get to see it, it is not what you expected or had hoped for.

You don't need to make any payment until you have received the painting.

When I present you the painting, you have the opportunity to feel if it resonates before buying it. It is all in your hands.

Once you have bought the painting, you still have 14 days to change your mind and send it back to me. This information is also included in our Terms & Conditions.

Nonetheless, experience taught me that people fall in love with their personal painting from the moment they lay eyes on it.

This isn't too surprising, since the canvas reflects their own immense beauty...

If you say yes to this gift, I welcome your application.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Als je ja zegt tegen dit geschenk, zie ik graag je aanvraag tegemoet.

Ik kijk ernaar uit om met jou te verbinden!

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