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The paintings are like a hatch to another world, a world of color, in other words a world of feeling.

They are authentic, straight from the heart and leave you the choice at any time if and how you want to record them. Depending on the moment, on what you need, they give energy, comfort, evoke memories or let you float on the stream of your subconscious. However you look at them, Steffi's paintings do something to you.


I am so grateful and touched by the texts Steffi wrote for me in relation to the paintings I received. Each painting arises from her heart and intuition. The power jumps off the canvas, so much dynamism! She lets her soul speak in the text she wrote next to the canvas. They are pearls to cherish and reread with your gaze fixed on the matching painting. Harmony and connection, purity and the essence.  

A wonderful gift to give yourself or loved ones, straight from the heart! 


Beautiful warm colors with colorful accents and a youthful appearance have been brightening up my living room for a few months now.


The painting Steffi created for me is really full of magic and amazing energy. I put it on the wall by my fireplace in the living room so I can always look at it during the day. The colors are so bright and vibrant, it always makes me feel better and lighter. I can stare at it for hours. Thank you Steffi, you are so talented, one of a kind. Lots of love and blessings to you.



Interview with Vanessa about her personal painting

Seeing the painting for the first time really touched me.

I felt like I was looking at myself, standing there with all my emotions, my entire being.


As in most paintings in which circles are central, I am drawn to their centre, so to speak, accentuated here in a warm beige color (cfr. Earth Rivers).

I am, as it were, in another world.

The expanding beautiful blue auras mainly lead me in the right corner to the sun or the joy in life, which you may or may not have to discover for yourself; while the 

top left corner makes me dream of nature with its beautiful hues when the blossoms open.

The expressive colors in the upper half of this work are diluted in the lower part to eventually flow into two open directions, which give your imagination the freedom to walk these lanes to other places or not.

I chose to hang this beautiful picture with its bright colors in my porch with a white wall as a background.

Seeing this painting its vibrant colors make me very happy and cheerful. 

while the subtle  freedom of interpretation makes me dream away so that a certain peace comes over me.

A beautiful body of work!


Earth rivers.jpeg

The painting I have is a copy  of that in practice. From the beginning I was very attracted to this painting. The color palette really appeals to me and when I look at it I have the feeling that someone is supporting me and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The accents of my painting are painted thicker, making that feeling even stronger.

Still very satisfied with my purchase.


(Her painting 'Inner Growth' is a personal, attuned  reproduction of the original  Which  in the Vitruvius Group Practice  in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium.)


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