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Born in the womb of the Andes, they travel across the Atlantic to reach your heart.
The heart messages, with a loving transference.

Over time, we have forgotten the power of connecting with our hearts. An open heart makes us happy. Give us strength and courage. Makes us vulnerable and real. Helps us to really be ourselves, and to give meaning to a life that can be very challenging.

The heart messages.

Simple and at the same time as powerful as the presence of a mountain. Something that touches us deeply. It moves us, and therefore reminds us of what is important to us, so that we can return to ourselves, and our essence.


A message that is authentic, that was created in the great Heartspace - with attention to your uniqueness.
Time has been taken. She was handwritten. Especially for you.


A heart message is a handwritten message on white paper, attached to watercolor paper that is painted with natural pigments from the Andes Mountains.
The pigments carry the frequency of the plants, flowers and soil here in the Peruvian Andes, and are also - attuned to the recipient of the heart message - sprinkled with love and care over the watercolor paper.   


How does it work?

I have a database of messages available, written with heart and soul. Your personal message is tailor-made by feeling which sentences and/or verses may appear in your heart message. In other words, it arises in flow - based on an emotional and intuitive heart connection that is made from here with you or the person who will receive the message thanks to you.

To further clarify this process, you can read more about how I look atthe 'flow' en about how Iget to work making art

The felt connection.
Reaching out.

The receiving.

The emotion.
The memory of the heart.
Coming home.
May be the beauty of yourself.

A soul nurturing.

Words that wash away the noise. To cure.
Emphasize how important you are, because this message is for you.

Heart messages are sent in an envelope by post from Cusco, Perú and usually take about two weeks to reach their destination in Belgium.


Know that by receiving this message, you are creating a light for the world. An open and receptive heart experiencing love has a profound ripple effect on the planet.

Heart connection is about trust, and letting things happen.
Knowing that what you need and want will come to you.
Knowing that what is good for you is looking for you. You wish to find.

It is a cosmic law that what is good for you will find you.

That's how life flows. 

Let it flow, dear soul.

Your message is here.

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