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Your inner voice

I recently highlighted the theme of 'the inner voice' during an interview with an inspiring lady.

I followed her, my inner voice, when I felt it was time to move from Belgium to Peru. It was crystal clear, and there were no doubts about this being my truth. My inner voice had spoken. What she said was obvious. Natural. Authentic to me. Grounded. At the same time it was exciting.

The inner voice can be trusted.

I could lean back in a way. As if my inner voice gave me that space, that peace. That support. It's like listening to your own music.

There were also challenges that came with preparing for this emigration.

One question I asked myself, was: 

What impact will following my inner voice have on my family's reaction and attitude towards me? I discuss this in the interview that we did not too long ago.

What my inner voice clearly told me: I needed a slower life rhythm, I needed to live closer to and in nature. It also told me I somehow couldn't be myself despite a series of attempts to be a part of a system that simply doesn't resonate with me.

Following my inner voice has had many consequences, including being able to heal the challenging experiences that presented itself as I was living in a system in which I did not fit.

The geographical distance I created brought a new kind of freedom, while I could and can still feel my lasting love for my roots and everything and everyone I left ‘behind’. 

Basically, I took everything and everyone from the previous life chapter with me, in my heart, although in a different form.

This interview covers, among other things, the following themes:

- How can you notice that you are not listening (sufficiently) to your inner voice and how can you stimulate the quality and power of your inner voice?

- The importance of vulnerability for our health and well-being.

Be sure to check out the vulnerability podcast that I started and which now has a nice number of episodes, if you want to connect more with this quality and discover how it can help you in all areas of your life!

- Three tips on how to (start) following the true calling of your heart (or your inner voice)!

Credit to the lady who took the interview from me: Vaida V.- Stone (MBA/BSc/QTS) 

Money Coach/ Personal Growth/Financial Therapist/Flowers Reader/Author

Founder of Moneywiser Academy by V. Stone

Enjoy! And feel free how you feel after listening, and any thoughts you may have on the subject!




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