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The pure beauty of your soul expressed in an artisanal drawing. Brought to you from the heart of the Andes. 

Your soul, your essence, your true self. Who you are deep inside. What a force that wants to show itself in all tones. 

The soul drawings...
So you never forget how special you are.

So that you will connect even more with your own intrinsic beauty and mastery.

Your unmistakable blueprint and wondrous power.

The reason for your existence, and your wonderfully welcome presence here on this planet.

You are much more profound than you can imagine.

May this drawing invite the dawn of your soul again and again to shine in every circumstance.

In a soul drawing, different elements come together to help visualize the size and depth of your soul. 
The ancient pattern of the flower of life is underlying the drawing; it provides a basic structure.
The flower of life brings us with its powerful geometry and symbolism back to the origin of all life, where our soul also knows its source. We see the essence of the flower of life appearing in all kinds of places in nature, from trees and flowers over corals to molecular structures. 


From the flower of life as a basis, colors, messages, lines, letters and words, movements, textures, subtle shapes and interactions arise, which then shape the drawing. It is possible that the flower of life does not remain (fully) visible as colors and shapes manifest themselves over the base. In addition to drawing and coloring, keywords and phrases specific to your soul beauty and information about who you really are come through. These are usually written around the drawing - each in their designated place - although it can happen that something gets in the flower of life structure.
All elements of the drawing are there to highlight the deep aspects and qualities of your soul.
This whole drawing appears in flow. 

You canhereread more about what I mean by 'flow'. You can read more about my sensitive and coordinated way of making artherenamely. 

A soul drawing is made on A4 watercolor paper, with regular and watercolor pencils. Where it feels right, water is added, creating dynamic effect and layering - in line with the depth of the soul. 


Your soul drawing will be well and safely packed and sent by post from Cusco, Perú.
A package takes about thirty days.
Nevertheless, it may take longer (or shorter) as different agencies take care of this transport.
You can choose to receive a quality photo of your drawing when it is completed, before you
 get the physical copy in your mailbox.

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