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with unconditional love for your unique way of being

A personalised painting embodies your wondrous uniqueness and self-worth. It is an expression of total authenticity. 

You are the only one on the planet who receives this specific painting. It will never be reproduced nor is it a reproduction of a painting that I created before. 

Every painting arises in flow.

It appears freely and in a pure way.

At the same time a personalised painting is very determined, since it is born to serve only one specific person, you.

You deserve to see yourself in all your beautiful aspects.

By channeling feelings, frequencies and universal qualities, I give your painting all the space it needs to grow in its own way and rhythm. Everything on the canvas happens with respect for your original flow.

Colours, texture, movements, shapes, compositions, nuances of feelings and experiences,... they all come forth from the connection I establish with your purest light, which inspires and guides the painting process from beginning to end.

Your painting holds messages that are meant for you only.

I call this 'the voice of the painting'.

It is up to you to which degree you allow this voice to speak to you, in other words: how much information you wish to receive that is woven into the painting and the creation process.

The voice of the painting comes in two different forms: Simplicity and Essence.

Pink Rose


Allow your personalised painting to speak for itself.

Enjoy the information you receive through your heart while you contemplate it.

Rose Flower


Receive a personalised painting and a personal message.

A special interaction

between your painting and your heart.

The intention of a personalised painting is very focused, it is 100% focused on you.

That makes it very powerful. 

When your painting hangs in your home or personal space, you will feel how it speaks to you.

A personalised painting is much more than a physical object you feel drawn to.

It comes to life with a dedication to who you are as a person.

It exists and functions on many layers, most of which are invisible.

Therefore it is important to have a certain degree of openness to your inner world of experiences and feelings.

You may give me as much input as you wish before I start creating your painting.

You are free to decide.

Flower Bud Petals


My work is custom-made and from the heart, making each painting radiate sincerity and connection.



Gifted in shaping experiences and feelings while respecting the flow, I create every painting with integrity.

Trees From Above


The essence of my artwork are qualities that are recognised, lived and appreciated all over the world.



In the Source of Inspiration you will find videos of me painting from intuition and creating a personal painting.


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