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I open my heart

Updated: Jan 22

May this open your beautiful heart...

I open my heart.

I open my heart to life.

I open my heart to all the goodness I deserve.

I deserve the very best.

My heart is strong and courageous. Nothing can harm me. I am safe.

I open my heart and allow the energy of life to come in.

This energy runs through my veins, empties my mind and lifts me up to my true potential.

I am the greatest potential.

With my heart wide open, I see my potential.

I see my true beauty.

I am grateful.

Grateful for all that life gives to me.

I open my heart to receive everything that I deserve. Goodness is always coming towards me.

I believe in my ability to receive.

I receive everything that is good.

I trust that I only receive goodness.

I trust life.

I trust myself.

I trust my heart.


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