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People have a soul

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People have a soul. Shining, splendid and precious.

Our soul is alive and real. It is who we are, essentially.

When we are quiet, very quiet, we can perceive our soul.

We find it deep within, beyond the physical world and all that is tangible.

The soul is not tangible, but CAN be experienced and felt. It can be seen and heard.

If we open up, we can connect as much with our soul as we desire. We can invite our soul as a welcome presence in our lives.

The soul is as subtle and real as the invisible connection between two people.

People have a soul. Shining, splendid and precious.

Just like the moon attracts the waters of the Earth, the soul burns with love and devotion in the core of human beings… Humanity is just as sensitive to the soul power of inspiration, harmony and unconditional love as the sea is to the moon.

People have a soul. A soul that is always there, no matter where you go.

And so it is.


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